You can pay online from here using Paypal
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We hold the tickets at the door for you.
Just give your name to our doorperson.
We would prefer to do this, but if you want the tickets sent to you at your own risk, then please contact us
If you use this Paypal system on the day of the event, please also ring us on 339 5374, in case we don't get time to check Paypal. If you get the answering machine, please leave your name, telephone number, and the number of tickets you have bought, then repeat all this information. Please note that we don't accept any payments on Paypal after 5pm on the day of the event.

5 August Ceilidh

6 August Ceilidh

8 August Story of Stories

8 August Ceilidh

9 August Story of Stories

9 August Cafe Baile

10 August Story of Stories

10 August Ceilidh

11 August Story of Stories

11 August Orpheus

12 August Story of Stories

12 August Orpheus

15 August Mindspace

15 August Ceilidh

16 August Mindspace

16 August Cafe Baile

17 August Mindspace

17 August Ceilidh

18 August Mindspace

18 August Ceilidh

19 August Mindspace

19 August Ceilidh

20 August Mindspace

20 August Ceilidh

20 August Whisky

22 August Mindspace

22 August Ceilidh

23 August Cafe Baile

24 August Mindspace

24 August La Boheme

24 August Ceilidh

25 August Mindspace

25 August Ceilidh

26 August La Boheme

26 August Ceilidh

27 August Whisky

27 August La Boheme

27 August Ceilidh

27 November Ceilidh

28 November Ceilidh

22 January Ceilidh

23 January Ceilidh

6 February Ceilidh

30 April Ceilidh

17 June Ceilidh

24 June Ceilidh

9 July Ceilidh