Flaming Heather
(accordion, fiddle, caller)



Edinburgh Castle, Royal College of Physicians, Pollock Halls - South Hall, Edinburgh Academy, Signet Library

(accordion, fiddle, guitar, caller)


Assembly Rooms, Queen's Hall, Germany, Italy, Jersey, Russia

(accordion, fiddle/drums. caller)


Edinburgh Castle, Queen's Hall, Corn Exchange, Up-Helly-Aa Shetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival

(accordion, drums/fiddle, caller)

Queen's Hall, China, France, Norway, South Africa

(accordion, fiddle, caller)

Israel, Malaysia, Russia and the USA; Caledonian and St Andrew's societies in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Venezuela

The caller above is Ken Gourlay

The bands charge £360 which assumes Edinburgh, not beyond midnight, not beyond 4 hours
Outside Edinburgh (i.e. the bypass) the ceilidh bands charge £50 per half-hour travel up to 2 hours.
More than 2 hours, the ceilidh bands expect dinner, bed and breakfast in addition.

The ceilidh bands are willing to travel ABROAD on condition that ALL expenses are paid i.e. travel, accommodation and food.
The ceilidh bands won't ask to be paid in addition. i.e. if you don't work us too hard, we'll regard it as a free holiday!
We have a campervan which holds up to 4 musicians so if your event is in western Europe we can come in the van which may be cheaper than flying us there.

If you REALLY can't afford a band, I'll come with a small PA (Public Address system) and an iPod. It's not as good as a live band obviously, but it IS better than a disco.

To make a booking inquiry
Either ring 0131 339 5374 (24 hours) or complete the following form with required date and times and state bands in order of preference (if you don't get an answer within 2 days it may be because we're travelling and out of range of wifi in which case you may want to leave a message on 0131 339 5374 which we check every day).

We advise you on availability and cost
We need a £100 deposit with a debit / credit card.